1. Pricing Discrepancy
  2. Product Availability
  3. Products On Backorder
  4. In-store Pickup Of Orders
  5. Credit Card Purchase With Inconsistent Billing Address
  6. Return Shipping Costs
  7. Restocking Fee
  8. Outgoing Shipping Costs

Q: Pricing Discrepancy

While we make every effort to ensure that products and promotions on our website are accurate and current.

If there is a discrepancy between a price stated on our website and the actual price, the manufacturer's price will prevail.

Individuals who no longer wish to continue purchasing the product(s) due to a discrepancy will be given a full refund.

Q: Product Availability

While we stock thousands of items in our warehouse, it is not possible to stock everything available for purchase on our website. 

For this reason, we still list products on our website, but they will be ordered on demand or drop-shipped to you.

Please Note

  • Stock levels fluctuate, and extended delivery time may be needed when products are not immediately available from manufacturers or suppliers.
  • If you want to confirm stock availability before placing an order, don't hesitate to contact us from our Contact Us page. Click here for the Contact Us page.

Q: Products On Backorder

We contact customers via email if we are notified the product(s) you have ordered is on backorder and will be delayed. If you have other items on your order that are not on backorder, we may ship these items separately.

Q: In-store Pickup Of Orders

For customers living in the Metro Vancouver area, your orders can be picked up at our Delta, British Columbia, retail location.

Once your order has been processed and all of the products are available for pickup, we will contact you via email or phone with further instructions.

Please Note

  • The purchaser and the purchaser's government-issued photo ID and credit card must be presented before their order can be picked up.
  • Please also use the Contact Us page to notify us you would like to pick up your order in-store. Click here for the Contact Us page.

Q: Credit Card Purchase With Inconsistent Billing Address

To protect our customers against credit card fraud, we will call, email or use other ways to verify that the credit card holder has authorized the purchase.

The billing address MUST MATCH the records at the card-issuing bank, or we will not accept the order.

Q: Return Shipping Costs

The return shipping cost will be the customer's sole responsibility if the product you have ordered is no longer required.

Q: Restocking Fee

All returned products are subject to a 25% restocking fee on the total purchase price.

Q: Outgoing Shipping Costs

If an item was purchased with "Free Shipping" the original actual outgoing shipping charges cannot be refunded and will be deducted from your refund.