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More About Tow & Haul

Air spring systems are designed to maximize safe load-carrying capacity, stability and overall ride quality. Air springs use the same technology on many heavy-duty trucks, trailers and buses on the road today. That means in addition to commercial-grade durability, quality, reliability and service, you'll get:

Improved Handling, Braking and Load Leveling

Air springs keep your vehicle level, even when carrying an uneven load. That means more effective handling and braking even in challenging roads and heavily loaded conditions. Keeping the vehicle level also means less tire wear. Air spring systems also allow you to independently adjust air inflation on each side of your vehicle to level off-center loads.

Reduced Wear 'n' Tear

Air springs reduce suspension fatigue by keeping leaf springs from permanent sagging and reduce bottoming out with load support that reduces the stress on the vehicle suspension.

A Better Ride

When bearing a load, air springs increase vehicle stability by absorbing road shock, which is good news for you, your passengers, your cargo, and, by providing more efficient gas mileage, your pocketbook.